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Afrika Joneé... Resourceful, stimulating and truly creative producer, always focused on the data, the concept and the deadlines. My portfolio includes narrative films, tv shows, shorts, music, music videos, and media management for names including Netflix, Nike, Fox and NBC.


I guide development, production and ad campaigns, leading the creative process and client relationships, while identifying opportunities - and revenue.



I incorporate a data driven mentality and a pleasing personality to successfully navigate any production. And I love working with different people - from writers and film crews to studio executives. In my years in the Entertainment Industry, I've developed a natural flair for research, trends, concept creation and guiding multiple teams and accounts at the same time. Include my deep passion for music, film and brand-building, I’m a hands on creative producer ready to deliver... anything.


I pride myself on organization and collaboration - being hands on at every stage of the project lifecycle, from original concept, to statistical research, production and delivery as well as implementing processes and procedures, scheduling resources, leading pitches, increasing scope of projects and nurturing client relationships. Finally I use my technical skills and expert eye to ensure the end results are always impressive and always on time.

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6 Things You Should Never Put On Your Film & TV Resume



“There is no failure, only feedback.”

– Robert Allen, Author - " The One Minute Millionaire"



by: Afrika Joneé


When the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Crew is in the House...



You never know what you're in for :)

by: Afrika Joneé

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